It is a Revolutionary treatment and

 beauty game changer!

Most Common Tread areas

  • Upper eyelids

  • Lower eyelids

  • Neck tightening

  • Mid-face lifting

  • Wrinkles

  • Worry lines

  • Crow’s feet

  • Smile lines

  • Labial lines

  • Belly skin reduction

  • Removal of age & sun spots (usually not on face)

It can be performed on any loose/saggy skin area

NON-invasive lifting for perfect skin rejuvenation

   Fibroblast is an active response to patient / clients needs, which are always in demand for a faster and effective treatment with minimum pain and healing / recovery time.

    Skin instantly tightens and contracts, so the result are seen immediately. Final results can be seen after 6-8 weeks.

 Unlike conventional surgery , skin tightening treatments do not have the following consequences such as anesthesia, seams, swelling, long term recovery, etc.  

The Fibroblast-Skin Tightening treatment is an exceptionally safe procedure with virtually no side effects or they occur very rarely. Possible side effects are inflammation, scarring or minor change in skin pigmentation, which is very rare. It is highly important for each client to follow the instructions for aftercare closely. Crusts which occur after the treatment are part of the treatment and will fall off after 4–5 days. Minor swelling after treating the area around the eyes is normal and will disappear after 3–5 days, depending on the client’s sensitivity.



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