Liposuction without surgery​

Hydrolipoclasy is a fantastic option for those people who have fat located in a specific area of ​​their body and want to get rid of it, but who have real fear of the operating room.

It is known as the liposuction of the future since its effects are very similar, but both the treatment itself and the recovery are much simpler and a lot less dangerous.

Treatment used to break up fat.  It’s well known as liposuction without surgery with no pain or secondary effects.  Saline is injected into problem area which breaks up the fat molecule. ​

How does hydrolipoclasy work?

Hydrolipoclasy consists of the infiltration in the area affected by the excess fat of a saline fluid specially designed for this type of treatment. Since this fluid contains among other ingredients a light anesthesia, it is not necessary to apply another to older people, because it is not very painful.

Once injected the serum bonds to the adipose cells which increase significantly in size. It is at this time when cavity ultrasounds are applied, which aim to act against these enlarged cells in order to break them.

Once they burst, fat and fluid are absorbed by the body and eliminated through the lymphatic system.

Who is this technique indicated for?

Hydrolipoclasy is indicated for patients, men or women, who do not have large accumulations of fat and, in general, are at their ideal weight. No matter the area in which it is applied.

Thanks to its effectiveness and its scarcely seen marks (only the injection), the person treated in this way can lead a normal life just one day after this liposuction of the future being performed. That is why it is perfect for those who want to improve their image but can not afford time off work.

Hydrolipoclasy and cellulitis

Hydrolipoclasy is also a suitable technique for those people who are at their ideal weight without any significant accumulations of fat, but who do suffer from cellulitis.

Each case has to be studied individually, but in general, this technique means a significant improvement of the appearance of the skin and thanks to the ultrasounds it is possible to totally eliminate or visibly soften the cellulite.

Tips after a hydrolipoclasy

Although each patient will be given adequate guidelines to follow in their specific case, there are certain things that can help after an hidrolipoclasy, such as lipocavitation.

The purifying diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and low salt helps to avoid the retention of liquids and to pre-eliminate fat and the fluid used.


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